SMOK, the leader in the e-cigarette industry, recently held a new product launch event of the third quarter of 2019 in Beverly Hill, Los Angeles City. The launch event has released two high-end pod system devices, RPM40 and Fetch Mini, and a new box mod device, MAG P3, which is tri-proof (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof).

With the slogan “Real Pod Mod”, RPM 40 has given the audience its first appearance. RPM 40 is wattage adjustable, ranging from 1 to 40 watts, which perfectly combines the function of both pod and mod. Fetch Mini adopts 2.5D arc-side high-end transparent glass and PVD vacuum plating technique, so that it has an integrated structure, with no screws on the whole body, reflecting SMOK's leading manufacturing technology in the industry. The device is glittering and translucent, which earns great ovation from the audience. MAG P3, which is fully upgraded from the classic product MAG, has dual battery, max output of 230 watts and1.9 inch touch screen. IP67 grade waterproof and dustproof technique lifts the industry standard of tri-proof products to a new height.


The Beverly Hill launch event is the first launch event that SMOK held in the United States. At the beginning, Mr. Xie, the CEO of SMOK Group, introduced products of the Nord series and the Novo series to the audience. Nord series is one of the best selling series, which has created the sales record of 6 million sets within 10 months. As a phenomenal product spanning the year 2018 and 2019, the Nord series spawned imitators in the industry, even created a market segment in the industry, which perfectly shows SMOK’s operation philosophy “Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience”. Novo 2, a newly listed pod system product in July, has created a new amazing sales record of 1.5 million sets within 30 days, which means 50,000 sales per day. Novo 2 is also the fastest product ever to achieve the sales goal of 1.5 million sets in the SMOK’s history. 

RPM40, the key product at the launch event, has warmed up several times on social media, which became one of the hot topics of the e-cigarette industry. As an innovative product that combines the traditional mod and pod system, the “Real Pod Mod” RPM40 is wattage adjustable, ranging from 1 to 40 watts. It’s equipped with 1500mAh battery and brand-new IQ-R chipset. What’s more surprisingly, the firing time reaches only 0.001 second. As for the coil head, RPM 40 can pair with Nord series coil, and the newly designed RPM coil family, which brings more coil choices and ultimate flavor experience. RPM 40 is believed to be a new trend of the industry and the Pod Mod will also become a new industry category.


The high-end FETCH MINI, which made its debut at the launch event, stunned all audience when it appeared. It adopts the 2.5D arc edge glass technique that is only applied on the flagship mobile phones. The two sides of the device are glittering and translucent, exuding a breathtaking aesthetic feeling when held in hand. It has an integrated structure, with no screws on the whole body, reflecting SMOK's leading manufacturing technology in the industry. As for the coil head, it includes both the newly designed Mesh coil and the classic Nord coil; in terms of endurance, its delicate body comes with 1200mAh battery with fast charging feature, which is powerful enough to support normal use for two days. Fans at the launch event were full of praise for its perfect flavor after testing it. Furthermore, in order to dispel consumers' concerns about the easy damage to glass screens, SMOK provides a "30-day worry-free purchase" scheme. Within 30 days of purchase date, SMOK will offer a free screen replacement service in case of accidental breakage. When Mr. Xie introduced the service at the launch event, he immediately won the full house cheering. The launch of this service not only showed SMOK's care for consumers, but also manifested SMOK's confidence in the quality of the product.


As is known to all, SMOK's classic box mod MAG is an industry legend and has been popular all over the world since its launch. MAG P3 continues the MAG's style and is upgraded to a tri-proof (waterproof, dustproof & shockproof) product based on it. What's particularly noteworthy was the way of MAG P3's unique appearance: Mr. Xie took out MAG P3 from a fish tank filled with water and handed it to a fan under the stage for trial. At the moment of the cloud bursting out, a prolonged applause instantly sounded from the audience. Later on, Mr. Xie explained that MAG P3 was IP67 waterproof and it could still be used normally even after being immersed in water of 1 meter depth for 30 minutes.


Specially arranged in Beverly Hills, Hollywood's holly land, the SMOK launch event is bound to be unique. The three new heavyweights are just as starry as the neighboring Hollywood Walk of Fame, implying that all of them will win the annual "Oscar" best product award in the e-cigarette industry in their respective sub-fields.


More than 200 guests, including SMOK distributors, vape shop owners in Los Angeles, vape KOL, veteran vape fans and industry media, attended the new product launch event.